From the beach seine last week. From the beach seine last week.

From the beach seine last week.

  • my sister and brother
  • best friends
  • surfing with good conditions, the ocean, the beach, and water in general
  • all my blankets and pillows
  • my animals
  • blooming flowers
  • free coffee 
  • not bombing my midterms like i thought
  • almost summer
  • nice customers
  • impressing the bosses
  • GOT is back
  • my dad singing and using the beer cozy I bought him

Micheal Cinco

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today 3 friends that are precious to me (and i don’t use that word often) stopped by my house to visit at different times.  

i have felt really isolated by how busy i have been with my internship, work, and of course, the cherry on top, homework.  i had been feeling forgotten in the sense that most of my friends stopped passing along the invites because my answer is always “sorry, but i can’t i have ____”.  totally understandable, but it still never changed the left out feelings of “why am i always not doing anything but work” that kept running in my head. 

those 3 different friends missing me and wanting me to be happy made something in my brain click, something that wasn’t a school concept. 

long story of me rambling short: i am really going to try to just be happy that i am alive because fucked up shit is going to continuously happen anyway (no matter how hard i try to prevent it from occurring) and i’m tired of not  l i v i n g.

there’s things that make me smile (whether you see it or not) and i will try to remember them more often.


milky way (by Philipp Hilpert)

i need a getaway to somewhere i can see some god damn stars.

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This man…

Translation: Don’t waste your time and energy on the wrong light.


wake up call

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"fucking idiot"
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